Center for Artistry and Scholarship

The Center for Artistry and Scholarship (CAS) develops and supports innovative and tenacious leaders in education to build more equitable, collaborative and creative communities.

The Center for Artistry and Scholarship is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. CAS works in three areas: promoting and disseminating the work of the Conservatory Lab Charter School, supporting innovative school leadership, and celebrating arts-immersed education.

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, we will host Next Wave: What’s Next, What Works, a summit to showcase innovations developed by and for school communities that foster democratic practices, student growth, and creative approaches to racial and social justice. 

Join students, educators, administrators, policymakers, funders, and families to highlight, celebrate, and advance our collective commitment to the belief that the people who are closest to and most immediately affected by opportunities and challenges in schools are those who must lead the way to develop responses, strategies, and solutions.


Perrone-Sizer Institute

The Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSi) is a program of the Center for Artistry and Scholarship. PSi develops a network of adaptive leaders who champion racial justice and equity, and integrate artistic and design thinking, community-based and educational resources to transform the lives of youth and families.

PSi is a leadership certificate program that can also lead to graduate credit from the University of Massachusetts Boston and/or completion of the Massachusetts Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL), a requirement for principal licensure. It is designed for working professionals and teachers, and combines face-to-face, virtual, and immersive experiences in schools and community-based settings to enable participants to hone their leadership skills and practices.