Do you remember that time when you heard about an idea and thought about how you could apply it to another setting in your life? That feeling when you couldn’t wait to tell someone about your wild, innovative idea?

We wanted to create a positive space for the intellectually curious. A space where people can:

  • explore new ideas from other disciplines
  • share what inspires you to continually improve, and
  • openly wrestle with challenges that you have struggled with for years. 

We can’t promise that there will be a structured order to the blog entries.  Instead, we hope to inspire, question, challenge and, in the process, allow you to take something back to your classroom, your school, your work or your home to make it a better place. 

I am excited to be the first curator for this blog.  In the coming weeks, you will hear from an architect, a pediatrician and an educator who is reengaging students through hip hop. We are always looking for others who want to share their wild ideas, so please reach out to me. 

Thank you for reading and coming back in the future,  

Seth RacineComment