Voices from the Perrone-Sizer Institute

“Tell me what makes you special, and this program will teach you to use that special part of yourself, that unique aspect of yourself, to inspire a community and create a movement that can leave an everlasting impact on our society.” - Yoelison Castillo, Campus Director, Citizen Schools

In June 2017, filmmaker Veronica Wells captured moments from the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSI), which she shared in this short video. Take a look for a peek into the PSI experience.

Many thanks to Veronica, and everyone in PSI’s first cohort, who appear here. Special gratitude to Eliza Waxman, Weddee Neufville Henry, Nasrin Samadi, Kendra Martin, Guy Michel Telemaque, and Yoelison Castillo, who shared their thoughts about their PSI experiences.