Fast facts: PSI Cohort 1 Capstone Projects, Round 1

From August to June, this year's PSI cohort has been working hard on their capstone projects. Each participant must create a program or project that solves a problem in their home organization by establishing or strengthening a partnership. In January, participants presented a draft of their Capstone project to key stakeholders in a open forum using the Consultancy Protocol. The questions below are dilemmas that participants faced during the development of their Capstone.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the mission statements and questions of each of our participants. First up, we have Dan, Eliza, Dana, and Nazrin, who all work for very different organizations, and all have distinct and ambitious goals. Check them out!

Dan Kelly, Mary Lyon Pilot High
Mission: To develop a system of support for students struggling with issues related to addiction. 
Question: How do I navigate the issue of mandated reporting? I do not want students to be afraid to speak and open up, and on the same token I am professionally mandated to report if I am presented with information that a student is abused or neglected. 

Eliza Cassella Waxman,    Edwards Middle School
Mission: One day all students will discover the value of their education as an investment in their future. By providing students with the time, space, and skills to discover their passions, ignite their love for learning, and foster essential character strengths necessary to be active contributors to society, we will empower our students to design their own future. CREW exists so that every student will be known well by at least one adult in our school, creating a bridge for families to more easily engage in their child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. Our mission statement is: CREW unites students, teachers, and families to discover their best selves to build a better world. By leveraging this safe space and community created; CBOs will directly match the needs of the EMS students and families we serve.
Question: How can the Edwards Middle School continue to build on the success of year one implementation of CREW through the strategic selection of community based organizations that address the direct needs of the students we serve? 

Dana Reder, Conservatory Lab Charter School
Mission: A collaboration between CLCS and PEAR would create opportunities for social-emotional learning and growth for all Conservatory Lab students. By implementing a research based approach to child development and mental health, this collaboration will allow both organizations to further their goal of having a positive impact on the community while keeping children at the center of the work. 
Question: How do we move beyond programmatic SEL supports to create a culture and community that prioritizes and embraces social-emotional health school-wide?

Nasrin Samadi, Edwards Middle School
Mission: My mission is to prepare teachers to successfully facilitate Diversity and Tolerance conversations with students, install core values to make moral judgements in order to create informed citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
Question: How do we talk about race in the school setting, in a safe, constructive manner?