The Journey at the Heart of PSi: the Capstone Leadership Project

The Capstone Leadership Project, which the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSi) builds toward throughout the year, is designed to suit the professional goals and interests of each individual in the cohort and to build their leadership skills. Through these projects, cohort members strive to improve outcomes for youth and families by leveraging partnerships between community-based organizations and their own schools or organizations.

Although the destination (better outcomes for kids) is always in view, it’s amidst the ups and downs of the journey that invaluable learning happens for each emerging leader in PSi.

With support from Paul Sayed from the Center for Artistry and Scholarship, filmmaker Veronica Wells  has created a short video to capture the PSi Capstone Leadership Project learning journey. Our thanks to members of the PSi cohort of 2017-2018 Tess Plotkin, Valduvino Gonçalves, and Amy Gonzalez for generously sharing their experiences with us.