Call for Participation

An invitation to innovative school-based teams, community partners, artists, and others!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Next Wave, a summit to showcase innovations developed by and for school communities that foster democratic practices, student growth, and creative approaches to racial and social justice, which will take place on April 27, 2019 at the Jeremiah H. Burke High School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. This is a new event, so we want to share ways that you and your colleagues, students, and others from your community can participate.

The Next Wave Big Idea

We know that students, educators, and school leaders are most often the best source of ideas and initiatives to create innovative schools that truly engage learners, build skills, and foster equitable achievement. The Next Wave summit will gather students, educators, administrators, policymakers, funders, and families to highlight, celebrate, and advance our collective commitment to the belief that the people who are closest to and most immediately affected by opportunities and challenges in schools are those who must lead the way to develop responses, strategies, and solutions. We want everyone who is part of an innovative, student-centered, equity-driven school to get inspired and excited, and to find new colleagues, friends, and ideas.

What We’re Looking For

The Next Wave will feature school-based teams that have developed projects and initiatives focused on leveraging creativity, the arts, and community in the service of student learning and sustainable student-centered school design. Here are some examples, selected from the Capstone Projects of recent Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership cohorts:

  • Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver, ESOL teacher at Boston International High School (BINCA), is working with her colleagues to develop professional learning communities that support teachers to take new risks in teaching and assessment necessary to transition to project-based learning in their classrooms. The vision for BINCA 2.0 is that students will have the opportunity to engage in an authentic performance task that honors their unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds, encourages 21st century thinking and problem-solving skills, and promotes civic engagement.

  • Heron Russell, music teacher at the George H. Conley School, is working with Responsive Classroom and the Training and Access Project at Boston Children’s Hospital to support transformative change in instruction and the learning environment at the school. Ms. Russell is developing resources and coaching to help Conley teachers integrate social/emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching for academic success, particularly for Black and Latinx students whose inequitable outcomes have been exacerbated by opportunity and access gaps.

  • Seeking ways to lift up her students’ inherent compassion and power as contributing members of their community, and to help students value the role their education plays in providing them with a sense of agency and ownership of their role in society, Amy Wedge, teacher at the Dennis C. Haley Pilot School,  has developed a partnership with the Roslindale Adult Day Health Program to brings= students and elders together for activities that are engaging for both elder and child, and elicit students’ empathy, patience, and consideration.

Ways to Participate

The Next Wave summit offers three ways to participate. You can:

  • Facilitate a 90-120 minute workshop: This option is for school-based team and/or partner organization that want to share innovations that fosters democratic practices, student growth, and racial and social justice in an interactive, in-depth workshop with 25 (or so) conference participants. We will offer morning and afternoon workshop sessions. Click here to submit a workshop proposal.

  • Host an interactive exhibition: Interactive exhibitions are for school-based team and/or partner organizations that want to share innovations that fosters democratic practices, student growth, and racial and social justice in an interactive exhibition that will allow many informal conversations with conference participants. These interactive exhibitions offer a more low-key option to share your work, and will happen during breaks between session and lunch. Click here to submit an interactive exhibition proposal.

  • Attend as a participant: Join us for the day to learn, network, make connections, and get inspired! Next Wave registration will open on January 14, 2019.