CAS Publications


Social-Emotional Learning at conservatory Lab charter school

This report shares the ways Conservatory Lab Charter School provides and reinforces social-emotional learning through explicit instruction, school-wide systems and practices, and curriculum and learning experiences.


Building Authentic Ownership and Learning at Conservatory Lab Charter School

“Building Ownership and Authentic Learning at Conservatory Lab Charter School through Projects and Learning Expeditions” shares the ways the Conservatory Lab Charter School model creates schoolwide access to authentic learning experiences that lead to student engagement and ownership, high quality work, and equitable high achievement. This guide shares the ways we have partnered with EL Education; five case studies that demonstrate the ways that learning expeditions and other student projects structure, inspire, and demonstrate student learning; and relevant insight into professional development and school culture.


The Journey of El Sistema at Conservatory Lab Charter School

“The Journey of El Sistema at Conservatory Lab Charter School” shares the best practices of Conservatory Lab's El Sistema-inspired music program, along with ways that similar music programs can be initiated in other schools. A guide for interested schools and educators, this document includes information on the Conservatory Lab model including professional development, grade-by-grade instrument instruction, operational considerations, and pedagogical advice. “The Journey of El Sistema at Conservatory Lab Charter School” codifies the tools that we have found useful in building our own professional learning community in support of music learning and student growth.