Creative Learning for Equity School Design Colloquium

March 10, 2018, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Gutman Library Conference Center


The Creative Learning for Equity School Design Colloquium will provide an opportunity for four school design teams that are participating in the Innovative School Design Incubator to deepen and challenge their ideas about creative learning for equity. These four school design teams are:

The Colloquium is organized around design challenges that will move the design teams forward in their process, with support from members of their potential school communities, experienced school design leaders, and others who can provide varied perspectives and possible solutions. The Colloquium is designed for meaningful participation from students, as well as family members, school and municipal officials, and representatives from community-based organizations.

A Day of Design and Creativity

The Creative Learning for Equity School Design Colloquium’s program will start with registration and coffee at 9:00 am. After a welcome and introductions, a panel of experienced school designers will reflect on the Incubator team’s design challenges through the lens of their own experiences. The school design teams, their guests, and other participants will them move into design challenge deep dives, with time for background briefing and thoughtful collaboration. We will synthesize and reflect on the day with a whole group reflection and improvisational theater experience facilitated by Playback Theater. Other partners include Youth on Board, the Cambridge Educators Design Lab, Education Resources Consortium, graphic artist Amber Torres, and Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Colloquium will conclude at 4:30 pm.

Please Register

The Creative Learning for Equity School Design Colloquium is free of charge for invited participants. Lunch is included - please let us know if you would prefer a vegetarian option or have other dietary needs or restrictions. Please register so we know you’ll be joining us!


Sponsors and Additional Information

The Creative Learning for Equity School Design Colloquium is made possible by the funding from The Boston Foundation and Next Generation Learning Challenges.


Please direct inquiries about participation, sponsorship, and more to Center for Artistry and Scholarship Program Director Jill Davidson at