Mikel Oliver

School Leadership Intern


Mikel Oliver is an instructional engineer and lover of words working to transform mindsets and reimagine education for boys of color in Washington D.C. Mikel spent five years as an instructor of mathematics in New Haven, Connecticut and Prince George’s County, Maryland, before scaling her ideas across Kindergarten-5th grade classrooms at Stanton Elementary School in Southeast, DC as a Mathematics Instructional Coach. While building a successful elementary mathematics program predicated on mathematical mindsets that embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn, another passion was sparked by a pervasive school-wide challenge, how to authentically connect boys of color to traditional spaces of learning. This quest serves as the catalyst to Mikel’s work as the Chief Academic Designer of The Creative School where she’s reimaging the school experience for boys of color through identity work, social-awareness, user experience design theory for 100+ boys in grades 3-5. Mikel is currently a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s School Leadership Program and has partner with the Center for Artistry and Scholarship as an intern during Fall 2018.