The Center for Artistry and Scholarship develops and supports innovative and tenacious leaders in education to build more equitable, collaborative and creative communities. 

What We Do

The Center for Artistry and Scholarship (CAS) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. CAS works in three areas: promoting and disseminating the work of the Conservatory Lab Charter School, supporting innovative school leadership, and celebrating arts-immersed education.

CAS Supports the Conservatory Lab Charter School

CAS provides support and guidance to the leaders of the Conservatory Lab Charter School (CLCS) as they develop a national model for teaching and learning based on orchestral practices of El Sistema and the project-based, service-learning approach of Expeditionary Learning. CAS helps raise money and deliver grant opportunities for projects at Conservatory Lab such as the Opportunity Fund for STEM Art, April Vacation Math Acceleration Academy, and Biogen (robotics grant), as well as partnerships such as the UMass Boston STEM Fellowship teacher training program. CAS also celebrates and disseminates CLCS curriculum, programs, and practices as models of arts-immersed, project based learning to other schools and educational organizations.

CAS Supports Innovative School Leaders

CAS supports, inspires, and connects creative leaders of innovative schools. The Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSi) certificate program develops creative, innovative, and adaptive leaders who integrate educational, artistic, and community-based resources to transform the lives of youth and families from diverse backgrounds. PSi immerses leaders in school settings and community-based organizations, and employs a design thinking approach to leadership development. Participation in PSi can also lead to principal licensure and/or graduate credits at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

CAS also sponsors the Innovative School Design Incubator, which funds and assists school design teams to create, finalize, and/or launch new schools that celebrate creativity and the arts. The Incubator is part of the Design Fellows network, which convenes, supports, and shares insights from emerging leaders and school designers who are creating and launching innovative new school models that emphatically prioritize student creativity, engagement, and achievement.

CAS Celebrates Arts-Immersed Schools

CAS is committed to celebrating, supporting, and expanding arts-immersed schools in Boston and across the country. These schools view the arts as an integrated opportunity to bring math, science and language arts to life. Through our blog and other publications, CAS strengthens the national conversation about the essential role of arts in teaching, learning, and civic life.