New Publication: Social-Emotional Learning at Conservatory Lab Charter School

During the 2018-2019 school year, Center for Artistry and Scholarship program director Jill Davidson collaborated with a wide range of Conservatory Lab Charter School staff members to document social-emotional learning at the school. Those practices are document in a new publication, “Social-Emotional Learning at Conservatory Lab Charter School".

This publication shares Conservatory Lab’s work to support a healthy, positive school culture and climate through a focus on SEL for all students. During the past three years, Conservatory Lab has strengthened its approach to SEL with an increased focus on schoolwide systems, structures, and interventions that respond to the changing needs of its students and contribute to a positive school climate for all members of the school community. This overview goes into depth in four areas: explicit SEL instruction, schoolwide systems and practices, curriculum and learning experiences, and professional development. We hope that this helps inform other schools’ efforts to establish strong SEL supports in a creative, challenging learning environment.

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